What Does Yoga Actually Do!?

We can read a barrage of Yoga articles albeit internet, magazine or newspaper.   We can take advice from our Yoga guru’s we follow religiously.  We can painfully dig, search, claw, beg, PAY, but we always end up with the same buzz words.   Zen, peace, de-stress, detox, tone, lengthen, re-balance, realign, core strength, mind, body, etc..  Well this is all very delightful, but what does Yoga actually do!?  How is it going to help or improve my life?  Why do I need Yoga like I need Birkin!?

Known as the Yoga instructor who breaks the rules (yes I eat meat and carbs), I have found that Yoga for a person is like a finger print, specific to each individual.  There is no set rule, you need to choose and take from Yoga what works for you.  At the end of the day, it is your body and you know it best.

Here are a few enlightened moments from clients and their thoughts on what Yoga has done for them.

Ai Chi Lim, Fashion Designer – “I can walk better and more gracefully in heels.  The constant knots in my back and shoulders have gone.”

Andrew Coulter, Teacher – “It has improved my running.   I can run for longer and faster. My stomach works better, digestion, less bloating!”

Binti Velani, Medical Director – “I tried so many types of Yoga and hated it, but this Yoga style has changed my views and me!”  “I am so laid back now it is starting to worry me!”

Martine Davis, Entrepreneur – “Sleep has vastly improved, deeper and unbroken.”

Richard Armitage, Entrepreneur – “I really messed up my knees through years of skiing, but with Yoga my knee problems have gone, it has not felt like this in ages and I tried everything!”

Veronica Lam, Lawyer – “I had no idea that deep breathing and stretching can do so much, it really does help me cope with work.”

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