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Our wellness clinic offers a range of services, from sports massage to botox to osteopathy to wellness consultation.  Meet our team!  Below is just a little about our consultants and what they do.  To book an appointment click HERE.

Adam Ilko 

A Sports Massage: Does that mean I need to be injured to get one? Absolutely not. Yes a masseuse can help relieve your injuries (even if it does hurt a little) but they can also help prevent injuries. #FactOfTheDay : having a Sports Massage releases endorphins which can help manage our stress levels and increase happiness!

Our expert Sports Masseuse, Adam Ilko founder of Fibre Tense Massage will be available for appointments on Monday mornings from 9:30am. 

Susan Yu

Resident osteopath.  Through physical manipulation, soft tissue and rehab exercise, our in-house influencer and founder Susan’s osteopathic treatment can aid to restore the balance in your body (back, shoulder, knee problems, etc) and rework your structure to prevent, detect and treat any issues. Just. Like. Magic. 

Dr. N. Johnson

Dr. N. Johnson, founder of The Medaesthetics Room , has over 10 years experience in both Aesthetic Cosmetics and Psychiatry, allowing her to really focus on her patients’ needs, health and wellbeing. Dr. Johnson will offer services such as Botox, Lip Fillers and Cheek Augmentations.Through Integrative Psychiatry, Dr. NK Johnson is able to tailor her treatments case-by-case to ensure the best results.

Wellness Consultancy Team

The one-on-one sessions will show you ways to improve your lifestyle: whether that means your eating habits, exercise routine or your general mindfulness, making sure you feel the best you’ve ever felt! Many have even suggested that Wellness Consultancies can even aid weight loss and depression… BONUS!

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