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Here at Not Just Yoga we have handpicked a few of the best yoga instructors you could ever ask for! If you haven’t met them already, here’s a little bit about each of them so you can feel right at home next time you visit. To book classes visit What’s On.

Melissa Andrew & Allie Rimanic

Melissa’s yoga journey began after she struggled to maintain a healthy life-balance.  Eventually, Melissa found solace by nurturing her mind and body through Yoga.  Melissa teaches her classes with ex-professional ballet dancer Allie Rimanic.

Their classes are a fun way to experience a different way of practicing yoga whilst also working on your balance and posture. Whilst some of their sequences include partner work, it is not necessary to come along to their classes with a friend.

Caleb Packham

Caleb is our very own MTV VJ-turned-yogi. Having left this life behind him, Caleb has focused his energy on Sattva yoga, teaching in unusual venue such as pubs, churches and warehouse spaces, because why not? Caleb teaches a rare form of yoga (Sattva) — to classes of mixed levels — that allows you to really tap into your soul through a variety of different methods. It’s never too late to start!

Susan Yu

Having experienced the effects of a stressful lifestyle herself, Susan focuses her classes on maintaining both a healthy body and mind by ensuring our body is in a fully functional biomechanical state. Susan’s classes are a more dynamic form of yoga that aim to get you #sweating whilst freeing your mind and body of all your stresses.

Elisa Lavera

Elisa Lavera classes focus on creating balanced sequences between standing, balancing, siting and inverted Asana poses. Elisa really puts the “ahhhh” in Vinyas-ahhhh – great for students of both beginner and intermediate levels.

Melinda Szepesi

When she discovered yoga, Melinda was instantly drawn to the physical benefits yoga can provide and quickly found meditation in her movements. Be prepared to burn off the calories in Melinda’s classes! The class is a more up-beat form of yoga that aims to raise your metabolic burning rate whilst burning calories throughout the day.

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