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I never quite understood why individuals keep their botox and filler regime a secret. Personal care is not vanity or something to be ashamed of, it’s actually one of the known habits of successful people. It is with this understanding, that more and more people in business are taking control of their personal care, and turning to aesthetics procedures. I took my first step into cosmeceuticals in 2017 & I’ve never looked back. Here is my recent journey on personal care with Dr. Bibi Ghalaie at British Aesthetics.

WARNING – This video contains footage of needles and injections.


Medical Director @british.aesthetics
Senior Clinical Lecturer & Trainer @acquisitionaesthetics

Dr. Bibi Ghalaie qualified in 2005 with degrees in Medicine and Surgery from the prestigious Imperial College London. She also holds an Honours Degree in Management with Health Sciences. With 8yrs + of experience in Aesthetic Medicine, she is a highly skilled cosmetic doctor, placing emphasis on working together with her patients to understand their personal needs to achieve a natural, refreshed & youthful appearance. 

So what did I try?

Botox (forehead & eyes) – £390 (for 3 areas)

  • A drug prepared from botulin
  • Medically used to treat muscular conditions
  • Cosmetically used to remove wrinkles
  • By paralysing facial muscles temporarily

Why did I choose to trial this product?

In business, looking professional & tidy will always work to your advantage. It says that you’re alert & serious about your business & who you do it with. Since becoming 40yrs, I find my skin drys easily (especially post baby), making the wrinkles in my forehead deep &apparent. Giving me an overall tired & worried look, not exactly what you want to communicate when pitching for funding.


Smooth forehead?  Check!  No “frozen face”?  Check!  The botox I received still allowed movement around my forehead and eyes, making it look natural.


Obviously needles were used to inject botox, but the pain level was minimal with the addition of numbing cream. I’ve felt worse just having my eyebrows done. So not really a negative if you put it into perspective.

Overall rating – 10/10

Fillers (cheekbones, lips, nasolabial folds & marionette lines) – £225 to £375 per 1ml

  • Soft tissue filler injected into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles
  • Restores wrinkled skin to a smoother appearance
  • Composed of hyaluronic acids
  • There are a number of different dermal filler grades and brands
  • Different brands and grades of fillers are used depending on the facial area

Why did I choose to trial this product?

Looking fresh face for business is important, it gives an indication of your attention to detail. Post baby, the bounce in my cheeks slowly disappeared, the lines round my mouth were deep & my LIPS had thinned. Projecting a sallow unhealthy look to my face. Would you trust a person to look after millions of funding, if they looked like they couldn’t even look after themselves?


The result of filler placed in my nasolabial folds was transforming, it just made my face light up again.  The filler in my cheeks created a healthy bounce & my lips were full but natural.


The injections were painful, especially in the lips, even with the numbing cream. From least to most painful, the order goes, cheekbones, nasolabial folds then lips, BUT not anymore painful then getting laser or waxed & takes just as long. The swelling & bruising on my lips post procedure was minimal but I’ve had it when the bruising been quite bad. Swelling can last from 4 days to a week, but generally goes within 4 days.  Was is worth it? Yes, the results are amazing (not something you can obtain from a pot of cream) & Dr. BiBi’s technique minimised pain & swelling.

Overall rating – 9/10

Conclusion. Personal care is not vanity it’s one of the known habits of successful people.

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