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An increase in bright hair colour has been on the rise over the past few years, and secretly we’ve all wanted to take the plunge and colour our hair a crazy bright hue but what then?  What will work say?  Will people take me seriously?  What are the parents at school going to think?  The answer is yes life can go on with brightly coloured hair.  It’s all about the right make up, wardrobe and attitude.

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Rule number 1.  Always do just the tips, balayage or ombre bleach your hair.  It softens the look, makes it look less severe AND you don’t have to go back every two second to get the roots done.  A good bleach job is KEY.  Make sure the salon (yes GO to a salon to get this part done) uses Olaplex in the lightening process as this helps protect your hair and lessens the damage, especially if you have dark hair!  This one was done at Louise Kelly Salon, it took two rounds of bleach (normal for my oriental dark hair), before it was light enough to colour.  Pink hair colour Schwarzkopf LIVE Ultra Brights 093 Shocking Pink Hair Dye.

Rule number 2.  You are the same person no matter what colour hair you have.  So why act differently if you’ve coloured your hair bright pink?  Don’t feel self conscious or paranoid that you have a new found hue, be yourself just as you were before you got your hair coloured.  If you act like there isn’t anything different, then people will treat you like there isn’t anything different, because at the end of the day there ISN’T anything different. You are still you!  Manage society’s reactions and roll with it.

Rule number 3.  Your brightly coloured hair is a statement itself.  So during the day, there is no need to enhance your look with bright eye shadows or strong coloured lipsticks.  Barely there, nude, sun kissed style make up is the way to go.  If you hair has pink, peach or blush type colours, make sure the tone of the blusher matches your hair (apply sparingly for strong tones).  If you’ve opted for blues or turquoise for the colour of your hair.  I would go with a sun kissed palette of colours that suit your skin tone.  Here I’ve used mineral makeup Bella Pierre Shimmer Powder Resonance £12.99 as my blusher with £1.20 Rosy Lips Vaseline on my lips.  For evening looks, you can match your eyeshadow or lip colour (depending on how big your lips are) to your hair colour.  The other alternative is the colour black, black eyeshadow or lip colour is a bold statement BUT you can get away with it as long as its done correctly.  IF you have big lips, matte colours and lip stains are the general rule…..but it depends how big your lips are (no I’m not pointing at you Lip Filler Queen).  If unsure, keep the big lips juicy, nude and roll with the eyeshadow.

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Rule number 4.  Keep your wardrobe to black, white and grey tones.  Your explosion of hair colour is statement enough.  So make it pop by keeping your wardrobe monochrome based and your lines clean when it comes to putting together you #ootd!  There are exceptions to the rule, you can wear bright colours i.e. bright pink & yellow…..but it needs to be done right.  If unsure, just stick to black, white and grey tones until you get the hang of it.  Here is my mummy run around, catch up coffee, just been to the gym, pick up my daughter from school, will it be hot to cold in London look.

Get the LOOK! Silver puffer coat BUY HERE for £10.00.  Andrea Hoodie BUY HERE for $195.00 and black gaze leggings BUY HERE for $118 (here’s a 20% off code SUSANYU20).  Sunglasses BUY HERE for £8.00.

NB: There are occasions where brightly coloured hair will not be appropriate at work or school.  Please check work/school policies before going ahead with colouring your hair.  If under 18yrs please ask parents permission.

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