My Life Changing Journey

To tell you the truth, I have been procrastinating when it came to writing this specific chapter of my life.  Years of training taught me to never let people know what is happening behind closed doors.  Never talk about the lows of life and to always maintain a happy and perfect facade.  Be the person that everyone wants you to be, wants to see and it was this exact behaviour that landed me in hospital in 2010.  It was lying on my hospital bed, having been diagnosed with extreme exhaustion and chronic adrenal fatigue, that I decided – THIS CANNOT BE THE ONLY WAY! So here is my story.

What Happened?

I have always been a motivated and driven person, especially with my career.  I am a “glass is half full” type of person, there is always a way and always a solution.  Then life started to get serious, being a pharmaceutical scientist was not what I wanted as career.  After my realisation I was driven more then ever, and decided to start my own company in 2008 and became work obsessed.  Quite literally to the point that nothing else mattered.  It was always work first, money first, the need for success was like an illness that plagued me.  Many would have seen a successful woman in the making, when in reality that “glass is half full” girl was slowly tearing herself apart little by little until the year of my 30th birthday (2010), when I ended up in hospital and there was nothing of me left.  I hit rock bottom, physically, mentally and did not have any spirit left to push on.

What Did I Do Next?

I realised my obsession with work was not healthy (err, ya think).  My want for success at any cost was intense.  I listen to society and their formula of how to be successful in life.  How to dress, who to date, where to frequent, how to speak, the type of degree to study, work a 9 to 5, where to party, who to party with, what age to be engaged at and on and on.  Not to say that doing any of the mentioned is incorrect, but it wasn’t right for ME.  Most of the time I was screaming, “Let me out!”, inside my head as I was not allowed to be ME, because ME was not “appropriate” according to society.  OK, so what did I do next? At that point my head was still all over the place and my body was a mess.  I could not focus or cope with anything too much, let along trying to answer the questions – What does my life MEAN, what have I DONE!?  So I did what any sane person would do, I broke up with my fiancé (yep, whole other story), I sold my company, moved in with my sister and her boyfriend (she was 23 yrs old at the time), quit everything and decide to take however many months it took, to get healthy and fit.  That was my goal, my only goal, it was all I could cope with (yes I know, everyone else thought I lost it too)!

Here Is Where It All Started

Jobless, no boyfriend, living with my younger sister, no idea what I was going to do with my life, friends no where to be seen (or if they were around, were not very supportive) and ill!  Little did I know that this was the start of my life changing journey because it felt like a pile of crap at this point.  I was not earning any money and decided I wanted access to a gym for free.  So I applied for a part-time job as a gym receptionist, where I had no managerial responsibility, did not need to think (well compared to my old job anyway), was 15mins walk from my flat and where I could go to the gym for free.  Yes, I went from owner of a company (in Mayfair might I add), to working for minimum wage.  There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but I soon found out that the people around me thought differently.  I was no longer the person that could get into the best clubs and restaurants without having to wait.  No longer the person that had the contact they needed.  No longer the person to go to for help or to off load their issues on, because I was the one that needed the help this time.  Slowly but surely people disappeared.  The ones that stayed, well I’ll tell you later.  I did not care at this point, I was getting fit and keeping myself busy.  Just trying to find my feet again, trying to figure out how I can be ME, when I had no idea who ME was anymore.  I realised I was so busy being someone else making everyone else happy, I forgot who I was and what made me happy.

Month Three

Three months in I was doing some form of exercise at least 5 times a week.  Some intense, some soft and gentle.  I was still trying to find my gym legs, what I liked, what I didn’t like.  I was also seeing an acupuncturist once a week and taking Chinese herbal medicines.  Why not western medicine?  Long story short, I had a really bad experience with the NHS.  Not that I do not agree with western medicine, or the NHS.  It was just a path I preferred.  I believe it works better with some illness rather than others and same with a holistic approach.  ANYWAY, it was then when I was stood at the gym reception, looking at the physiotherapy clinic opposite, that I had a eureka moment.  Why not become a physiotherapist!  A job where I can help people with their general body health.  I can relate to desk job workers as I used to be one myself, I understood the environment and mind set of the corporate world and it is something that I would be happy doing.  Helping people!  My first degree was in the sciences, I had a years stint working for the NHS (again another story), I was good with people, it was a PERFECT fit!  It was also around that time that I discovered yoga, but not realised the full potential it had at that moment.  So off I went to research universities with physiotherapy courses and that was when I stumbled upon osteopathy.  Never heard of it before, but the more I looked into it, the more I liked it.

No Such Thing As Coincidences

Month six.  I finally got round to the yoga class that everyone was raving about 8:30pm on a Monday evening and I LOVED it. I had been going every week for the past 3 months, alongside my other fitness loves.  Jogging, spin, Pilates and a good old weight session at the gym (got one of the trainee PT’s to show me how to use the equipment).  I went yoga crazy, I tried to find more classes like this.  I was doing yoga at home, searching for yoga videos on YouTube, trying to replicate the sequence I learned in class AND then, my second epiphany!  Why not become an instructor and get PAID to stay healthy.  This was it, it was all coming together, I found a university that agreed to take me on their osteopathy course and I can earn money teaching classes whilst staying healthy all at the same time.  It was a perfect fit, everything just made sense and I was healthier and happier then ever.  I felt like myself again, my old happy go lucky the “glass is half full” self.  I looked like myself again, but better.  My mind was clear, I was full of energy and I had my spirit back.  I also noticed that I lost weight and I was looking, well…..HOT (love myself much, haha).  I had not felt like this in years and I was ready to rock the crap out of life.  I remembered I bought a pilates course in 2007 but never started it.  I even tried to transfer the pilates course to my younger sister in 2008 because I never thought I was going to need it.  The awarding body said the course was untransferable and that I either needed to complete it myself or just put the cost down as loss, so I did the latter (money sucking ba*tards I thought at the time).  Cut to, I want to become an instructor, a pilates and yoga instructor specifically and of course the awarding body had a yoga qualification as well.  Coincidence?   I honestly believe there is no such things as coincidences as they happen all to often to make them a coincidence (hmmm, is that not a coincidence itself).


ANYWAY, at this point of my journey I started to realise, my regular yoga practice gave me skills that helped other parts of my life.  It helped me learn acceptance of myself, how mistakes are not failures, how to be patient, how to be strong enough to be the person I am even if it is different from others.  How to see problems from a different perspective, how to calm myself and analyse things clearly.  It taught me how to be the best version of me.  It taught me to be happy.  I aways get asked what type of yoga did I practice to get theses results.  I always answer the one that helped me.  Everyone is different, you need to fine one that suits you.  Its all a part of your journey.  It’s not the asanas themselves that help.  It’s finding the right type of yoga, meditation and the regular everyday practice of these disciplines that will lead you to answers that help you.  So I was finally getting there, I started to understand, I felt strong and in control.  I still had to figure out who I was, and teach myself how to be ME, but my gut was telling me this is the right way…..so off I toddled and I have never looked back.

What About Those Friends?

Oh yeah.  Forgot to tell you what happened to the friends that stuck around.  Long story short, me feeling bad made them feel good, so they stuck around.  Me feeling great made them feel no so great, so they decided to put me down.  This hurt, but I only have myself to blame.  I realised I was harming my own mental health because I did not want to see the truth of things   I was scared to walk away from something that was familiar, even though it was bad for me.  Having to walk away from years of “friendship” was a sad realisation, but I strong was enough now.  Looking after my health made me mentally strong enough.  It’s now 2018 and I am no longer scared of what life might bring.  I am a qualified osteopath, a yoga and pilates instructor, a social media influencer.  I have the most amazing daughter and husband, an entrepreneurial social circle and my collaboration brand Not Just Yoga, where we use yoga principles in business, is going strong.  Well, I thought if using yoga principles help me in my personal life, it will help in my work life too!  It’s working so far and guess what?  It’s Not Just (about) Yoga! The plan I have now for my life compared to 8 years ago is so much BIGGER then I ever imagined.  The best thing of all, I’m no longer scared to be myself or take what I want out of life, as we only have one.  So now you know my story, what do YOU want to do with your life?  Unsure?  Do what I did….no, not dump your other half and quit your job (unless you want to), just start with yoga (or whatever suits your health) and the only way is up, I promise.

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