Look the Part for £18!

Black All in One Jump Suit

As an entrepreneur, its never easy building a brand on a shoe string budget. You literally have to be – Jack of all Trades & Master of Business! You have to play every role in the company because you lack the finances to hire someone else to do it, BUT it can be done. My first bit of advice – LOOK THE PART! When attending meetings or pitching your ideas, first impression count. You need to wear something you feel comfortable in, but also something that is suitable for the meeting, as well as on trend.

Why? Well, would you give money to someone that looks uncomfortable in their own skin, is wearing jogging bottoms with a hoody or looks like they bought there outfit in an archaic era? Err…..NO is the answer, so here are some guideline rules to help you choose an outfit.

1) To be confident, you need to feel confident, so wearing something you feel comfortable in is key. 2) Know your audience, you wouldn’t wear a corporate finance type suit to a fashion house meeting. So choose an outfit according to the style of the brand that you’re meeting with. 3) Be up to date in your ensemble! Being dressed in current fashion trends gives the impression that you’re an up to date person in general. Pitching business ideas based on the now, for the now! 4) An expensive outfit does not always equal business.

Looking the part does not always have to be expensive. It’s how you carry and accessorise an outfit that gives it the character you need. This little playsuit is something I recently purchased for my work wardrobe for only £18. Teamed with red lipstick, amazing heels and funky clutch. It can be turned into a date night outfit, its a win win!

Black All in One Jump Suit


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