How a Diet Lead to My Pay Rise!

Key to life goals starts with wellness.  Unsure about that statement…..read our clients story.

My Name is Maurizio.  I am a 39 yrs old man from Italy.  I discovered Yoga through Susan at Not Just Yoga.  When she first spoke to me about my Not Just Yoga wellness plan, I was immediately inspired by her words as she’s a really positive person and a great motivator, but I was also a bit skeptical about about whether the plan would work and also of me actually succeeding, as I have never tried any diet before.

My Diet

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to follow my diet and fitness regime for the entire six weeks.  Throughout my life I’ve been eating pasta, pizza, meat, cheese and bread, coupled with drinking coffee twice a day for the past 25yrs.  So when my wellness plan consisted of a gluten free, dairy free, caffeine free and alcohol free diet, I thought to myself how could I possibly live without these things?

Why Did I Do It?

I decided to give it a try anyway because I was so fed up of going round in circles with ALL things in my life, and I wanted to break the cycle, even if was just my health that changes.  I am so glad that I gave it a go, as the wellness plan was not has hard as it I thought it was going to be.  I just had to make a few changes to the food I ate and to my exercise regime.  Rather then being shown a gruelling 6 week plan, I was shown a new way of living life.  There was NO calorie counting, NO weekly weigh ins (in fact we are not allowed to calorie count or weigh ourselves).  It was all about understanding food, which types of fats are good for you, difference between sugar and refined sugar, which healthy alternatives are right for your body.

Easier Then I Thought!

I was provided with the knowledge I needed to make the right choices when buying food, taught how to be more self aware of my body and go for the right products.  I never felt hungry, the variety of food in my diet increased and how I felt was amazing.  Not only did I change my muscle to fat ratio, but I felt I had more energy and was sharper in the mind.  My new diet is so natural to me now, so much so that I never want to go back to the things I used to eat.  The wellness plan was suppose to last for six weeks, two months later I am still keeping to Not Just Yoga’s wellness rules of living healthy.

My Lifestyle Now

I still do not drink coffee and I don’t miss it.  I don’t miss the sugar I used to put in it, I don’t miss my shaky hands.  I don’t feel bloated anymore and I love having a flat belly again, especially now that summer is here.  I don’t know why I feel more confident, but I do.  I felt good enough to finally ask my director for a pay raise.  I never thought he would say yes as the company was cutting costs, but I knew I deserved one as I have been there for a while and have worked really hard.

My Pay Rise!

Two days after asking, I was given new contract with a substantial pay raise.  I definitely feel better about myself and I recommend this treatment to anyone out there who feels they need a change.  I am completely satisfied with this adventure and will be thankful to my Not Just Yoga tutor, Susan, for the rest of my life.   I know you probably think this is made up or I am being paid to tell you my story, but it really is true.  I am a real person, telling you the real truth about my journey.  It just took 6 weeks of loving myself to realise that I want carry on loving myself.  Try it, you will feel like a new person, just like I do.  Good luck everyone.

Maurizio Casu


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