It is hard to image what a person is like if you have never met them before, so here are just a few of Susan’s clients and their thoughts on her and her training.


Jane Larbi

“My private Yoga and Pilates sessions with Susan are fantastic.  She has developed my core strength and flexibility, and has made my regular exercise routine more effective with her guidance, the results are amazing.  We might be in recession, but Susan is one of the luxuries I refuse to give up!”

Finding Your Feet Fashion, Director, Jane Larbi

Martine Davis “Susan’s classes are fantastic. She is an inspirational teacher and guides you through every move whatever your ability. I’m totally hooked!” 

Balcombe Street Window Box Company,Director, Martine Davis

Fannar Haralsson “Susan’s training made me realise that Yoga and Pilates is not always the soft and gentle exercise we are made to believe.  It is definitely challenging enough for any man in its advanced levels.  It is a great way to decrease stress and more importantly it sorted out my back problem.”

Fhar Designs Ltd, Director, Fannar Haraldsson

Richard Armitage

“Susan’s classes not only take you away from the stresses of daily life via breathing techniques but also deliver a first class workout. They are certainly not for the faint hearted !!”


Call Handling Services Ltd, Director, Richard Armitage

Gabbi Endlin

“One to one sessions are personal and Susan is the type of person you warm to immediately. I love her patience and explanations of what the benefits of the exercises are and which part of the body you are working.  She has an amazing work ethic and I look forward to our weekly chats as well as a good work out.”


Gem Fields, Products & Sales, Gabriella Endlin



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