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If you don’t already know from my – Skincare Products…..Do They Work? – blog.  I’ll be posting about brands that I’ve trialled over the last year, in search for the ultimate cheat day solution to my almost impossible skincare workout.

Having already trialled NAKIN’s naturally anti-ageing cleanser & serum.  I thought I would go completely the opposite way and explore medical aesthetics procedures – Fillers & Botox.  It seems that everyone is getting something done, and it’s not just for the mature ladies anymore.  So I thought I would go and get me some!

More and more women AND men (of all ages) are taking control of their self-care, and turning to aesthetics procedures to magic away those little niggles.  BUT if you’re anything like me, being afraid of the unknown has stopped us from booking an appointment.  So I took the big step in 2016 and had my first filler and botox experience.  Three years later and there’s no turning back.  I did the research, love the results and made a vlog to take the unknown out of the equation, making the decision to book (or not to)….easier!

WARNING – This video contains footage of needles and injections.

Dr. Hayer Ria is an established GP and clinical leader in London with 5+ years experience and a passion for injectable cosmetic treatments. His clinics are based in Kensington & Harley Street and is currently training other medical practitioners in aesthetic techniques (watch the video, I’ll let his work sing his praises).

So what did I try?

Botox (forehead & bunny lines) – £200 (for 3 areas)

  • A drug prepared from botulin
  • Medically used to treat muscular conditions
  • Cosmetically used to remove wrinkles
  • By paralysing facial muscles temporarily

Why did I choose to trial this product?

As I approach the age of 40 yrs, I’ve notice age related changes in my skin.  I find my skin drys easily especially post baby, making the wrinkles in my forehead deep and apparent.  I’ve tried a million creams and received minimum results.  So at this stage I felt I needed to go a step further.


Smooth forehead?  Check!  No “frozen face”?  Check!  The botox I received still allowed movement around my forehead and nose, making it look natural.  Not sure if there’s a difference in my bunny lines, BUT maybe I need to get them done several times to start seeing a change (it was the first time I had them done).


Obviously needles were used to inject botox into my forehead and nose, but the pain level was pretty minimal.  With the added numbing cream, I’ve felt worse just having my eyebrows plucked.  So I didn’t really find it a negative if I’m honest.

Overall rating – 9/10

Fillers (cheekbones, lips, nasolabial folds & marionette lines) – £150 per 1ml

  • Soft tissue filler injected into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles
  • Restores wrinkled skin to a smoother appearance
  • Composed of hyaluronic acids
  • There are a number of different dermal filler grades and brands
  • Different brands and grades of fillers are used depending on the facial area

Why did I choose to trial this product?

It’s taken a few years, but post baby, the bounce in my cheeks have disappeared!  It looked like my face had deflated and as a result, a slightly “sagged” look replace my once bouncy cheeks.  The lines round my mouth were deep and my LIPS had thinned out massively.  Seriously, I use to get teased at school because I had lips THAT big and now their in fashion, I lose mine.  Not this mum, NO WAY!


Honestly, the filler placed in my nasolabial folds was a amazing!  It was the first time I had it done and it just made my face light up again.  The filler on my cheekbones gave my face a shape again and I got my juicy lips backs.  The results were so natural, I was really surprised.


Even with the numbing cream, the injections were painful, especially the lips.  From least to most painful, the order goes, cheekbones, nasolabial folds then lips, BUT not anymore painful then getting a bikini wax….and takes just as long.  So not that bad when you think about it.  The swelling and bruising on my lips post procedure was quite bad and lasted for a week, but for the desired shape I wanted, this was the norm.  Not every lip filler aftermath will be as swollen as mine.  Generally the swelling and bruising goes within 4 days.  Was is worth it?  Have you seen my vlog, with those results…..I’d do it every time!

Overall rating – 9/10

Still unsure?  The way I look at it…..is that it’s not that much different to having braces on your teeth.  The procedure and aftermath both painful and ugly, but the aim is to improve facial appearance and aesthetics.  Botox and fillers, same thing.

The taboo around aesthetic procedures is old fashioned and dated.  There’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-care and wanting to look the best version of yourself.  As long as you don’t go overboard MJ style and you’ve done your research…..then a little help is just fine.

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